A Warning About $50 Resume Sites (Click To Read)

It seems like new $50 Or $70 Resume Sites Are Popping Up Daily


hese sites are growing like weeds because they exploit a simple formula. Using tools like Fivvr.com, these sites hire piece work typists (often from Eastern Europe and India) to put resume data into templates on a document by document basis. There is often questionable grammar used and very little editing done. Basically, the person "working" on your resume keeps $5 or less, and the $50 website keeps the rest. There are even some less reputable sites that make extra money by selling job seeker contact info to marketing firms.


or several decades now, the industry standard range for resume writing by a Certified Professional Resume Writer is $150-$350. Any site that is offering services for less than that range is likely not using Certified Resume Writers, or trained writers of any kind. There might be some reputable lone wolf resume writing sites out there. But notice most of the $50 resume sites never even mention anything about certified professional resume writers...

In short: Cut-Rate Writers. Templates. Poor Grammar. Possible Selling Of Your Personal Info. With some of these cheap resume sites, you might just get what you pay for.